Things you can do when you’re bored.

There are always times when time seems to slow down, and 10 minutes feels like an hour. This always seems to occur when you are bored. When you are bored, you do not have any interest in the activity you are performing, or are unoccupied. These are some ways to reduce the feeling of boredom.

  1. Flip a water bottle(WARNING: This may annoy your parents, or anybody around you).
  2. Waste your productivity on playing video games(I do this quite a lot).
  3. Work on projects that you have been procrastinating on.
  4. Make a blog.
  5. Post on your blog.
  6. Spam your friends with messages on any social media, and tell them “just a prank”.
  7. Juggle fruit.
  8. Juggle tennis balls, or even golf balls.
  9. Look at humorous GIFs.
  10. Go to sleep.



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