Quite recently, I’ve been getting into the game Overwatch. Released in 2016, I only started playing around February, however, I seem to be doing quite fine in the rankings. Losing around 6 to 7 games, it came to my surprise that I was able to be placedCompetitive_Gold_Icon.png in low gold. Consistently getting lots of gold medals, the system recognized my skill and decided to place me higher even though I lost the majority of my placements. As a low gold, this would put me below the average skill rating in the game. During these placements, I would mostly play Soldier 76 or Tracer. overwatch-offensive-featured-wide.jpgHowever, a huge drop SR caused me to reconsider my mains and so I started to play Reinhardt as he seemingly required much less skill than the previous heroes that I’ve been playing. This resulted in a little increase in SR, but, overall, made me lose more SR than when I was playing offense heroes, or DPS. With inspiration from my friend that was Master, I decided to play Lucio. Ultimately, this boosted me back half way to my original SR. In the end, I was getting tired of playing the support heroes so I switched back to playing DPS. Coming back to this role with much better game sense, I climbed beyond my original SR giving me my season and career high. Still, my SR continues to fluctuate and I mostly play casually with my friends now.



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