Nye Hard

He is the man of science yet he is considered a HARD man. The kids show he hosted never portrayed his true nature. Yes this is the man. He went from teaching science to setting up his own agenda. He’s a real big man. The one who made childhoods yet he now is the CEO of a company. He made his point and asserted his dominance to get his way. That is why he is who he is. A true inspiration for anybody who can breath. All he has to do is walk down his street and he gets respect. He is Bill Nye.



Tracer is a hero in Overwatch that is used mainly for offense. One of her abilities is “Blink” which allows her to teleport 3 consecutive times before there is a little cooldown time for the ability. Another ability is “Recall” which allows her to teleport back and have her HP adjusted depending on when you use the ability. Her final and ultimate ability is called “Pulse Bomb”. She can drop a small bomb that will absolutely cause mayhem to anyone or anything that is standing next to it. Tracer’s amount of HP is a liability however, which is why she is a difficult hero to play.41819770001_4830762324001_tracer-cropped-01


Here it comes. The guy who will eliminate your entire team with one move. Hanzo.

maxresdefault It’s the guy who looks relatively easy to use in montages but is actually extremely difficult.

hqdefault-1 All you have to do is shoot your ultimate when the enemy team is grouped up. All there is to it. Plus he speaks a little weeb which is pretty bad. Of course we have to mention that sikk backstory with Genji. Yes. The animation is pretty top notch with Blizzard. With the whole arc where he attempted to kill his own brother for his clan. So serious. So yeah there you have it. Hanzo. That guy with the bow and arrow. Oh yeah dragons.

Soldier 76

This hero in Overwatch is one of the most popular and also most basic heroes to play. He is very straight-forward with his abilities and weapons. His role in the game can be Combat Medic, Support, and Entry Frag.

One ability he possesses is to enable “aim-bot” which means you do not need to aim when you activate the ability; all you need to do is hold Mouse 1.

Another ability he possesses is being able deploy a medical field, a force field that heals Soldier 76 or other heroes.

He is also able to fire rockets from his rifle as well by pressing Mouse 2, making him a very dangerous opponent if put in a one-versus-one situation.

He can sprint and go quite fast, especially if a Lucio plays his rush music. soldier-wallpaper-wide


Oh boy…here we go. Sombra. She’s a hacker. This hero, in the game Overwatch, has a moveset centered around. You guessed it! Hacking! That means that she has the ability to hack you. And not only that but she can also hack health packs. WOW! This hero is not at all annoying :^). The problem with her is that once she hacks you-you can’t activate any abilities. Plus, her gun coupled with her teleporter makes her seem like a Tracer. f4693b1195b2295bf41c7d775367051ba0676002a8bc63048c5a8cbc6cf33e63_1.jpg

The invisibility cloak (OH MAN!) adds to how annoying it feels to go up against. This hero is just all around a nuisance. Did I mention her ult? Oh yeah that the thing that disables an area with her hacking. SO SHE CAN DO A 5 MAN ULT AND COMPLETELY REKT THE TEAM! So much counterplay. Oh yeah…health packs. She can hack them so that they spawn faster for her team and completely remove it from play for the opposing team. Thats right a whole new layer to top her off. So yeah! Definitely not one of the heros I would like to go up against but hey at least she isn’t like some other heros…full-portrait.png

*cough* *cough* Mei

New games you should look out for

There are many games that are being anticipated for release in the year 2017. The first game on the list is “The Legend of Zelda Wii U” which is a remastered version of the old game that was played on the Nintendo 64. It has been reported to have smart AI technology and many new unique gameplay ideas and much more that has not been revealed by the developers. The second game on the list is “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. It was supposed to have been released in 2016 but got pushed back to 2017. It is supposed to continue the story of the Mass Effect trilogy farther into the future. The third and final game on the list is “Batallion 1944” which is a throwback to World War II. It is only multiplayer, and the footage released by the developers have put a lot of hype around the building community. There are many more games, but these are the only games I shall cover for now.11111111111111

The FLASHest Man Alive

It’s really him. Coming in at faster than the speed of sound, Barry Allen calls himself the Flash. the-flash-vs-the-reverse-flash

And yes. He definitely is the fastest man alive. And DON’T FORGET ABOUT HIS PUNS. Man, they’re on fire. Constantly, he references his speed to those around him. But of course let’s not forget his team. They definitely add more depth to the show. Especially, Cisco because he is just an awesome comic relief and nerd. Although, I do like Harrison Wells the most because of how complex his character is. The concepts that they provide within the show, such as time travel and multiple universes, are just phenomenal. So, this show is pretty good.  475bd4937f219bbebcb7ba899976ef20616f0f39bcd634c43785383d113a3b43_3