CS:GO extended issues.

maxresdefaultThere have been a huge amount of issues in CS:GO throughout it’s time being an eSport. One issue is scamming. There are many, many people out there in the world who will attempt to scam you for expensive items in the game. Most of the time they will have a middleman and will attempt to make you give it to him, who then gives it to the scammer. Other times, they will either try and give you a phishing link to get access to your account, or trade you a cheap item for your expensive item. The other issue involves hacking. There are many types of hacks in this game: wall hacking; aim hacking; spin hacking, teleport hacking; the list goes on. There are people who are quite blatant with their hacks; you will be able to know they are hacking if you watch them in 1st person spectator view. They will try and make you rage for their entertainment. If you play CS:GO and meet a hacker like this, don’t let the rage and anger get to your head; that’s exactly what blatant hackers want.


Wheelz’s Happy Ending

Yes. Wheelz. Although he has cerebral palsy, he is still an upstanding upsitting citizen. With his “cheap” looking wheelchair, Wheelz is bullied by a group of “thugs” and is not able to get the things he deserve. So, Francis of the Filth comes to the rescue with his ingenious idea to “pimp” Wheelz’s wheelchair.ibmbggrb

And of course, being the good man he is, Frank, first, has to identify the problem. This starts off with a little ridicule on Wheelz’s wheelchair, but Papa Franku pinpoints the main problem that Wheelz faces. Through sheer brilliance, Frank creates the perfect wheelchair. cvyap53weaaewid

But of course, not everything goes to plan. Contrary to what Frank had in mind, Wheelz is not able to propel the wheelchair due to being able to control his feet. This leads to Frank tying a mop to Wheelz’s arm to be able to push the peddle down. And with this amazing wheelchair, Wheelz is able to overcome the bullies and get the girl of he dream. And that is Wheel’z happy ending.

Counter-Strike’s issues.

In the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the community has turned quite toxic during these recent years of the franchise. Some teammates would scream at you or attack you for doing something that somehow annoys them. Quite possibly after that, they may “throw”. Throwing means to lose intentionally, and happens quite often in matchmaking. This is one of the main reasons why some of the franchise’s oldest players decided to quit playing Counter-Strike and move to other games. Another problem is the tick-rate of the official matchmaking servers. The tick-rate of the servers are 64 tick, which is alright, but when you compare it to the unofficial servers that are 128 tick, you would say that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developers need to up their game on these matchmaking servers. People who play on the official servers would blame registration of their shots if they died in an aim battle(when you and an opponent are firing at each other). I am sorry if you expected a more humorous post, but these are serious issues that many, many people want to be resolved. Thank you for reading.800f34f32be122619fefc606df5ccd89store_image_02

CS:GO gambling

I know…I know. This topic has been covered multiple times by many big internet celebrities, but it still is a pressing issue. So we’ve got little kids going on the internet gambling. How? Well, there is these things called skins on the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive which serve no purpose other than to add more visual appeal to in-game weapons. Along with that, there is a market around buying these skins for money. Now that we’ve established that the skins have some real monetary value-Let’s get rooooiiiighhhht into the news! Although Steam, the game’s company, is trying its best to fix this situation, this gambling still goes on unregulated. I’ve even heard about people losing thousands of dollars on these sites. Well, there you have it. CS:GO gambling. losing-money-on-commercial-real-estate


ESports since years ago were on fire, and are still on fire. The more well known eSports games include League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Halo, etc. Overwatch, a game that was recently created, is possibly going to be an eSport due to being competitively popular, with a fairly decent community.overwatch-share-3d5a268515283007bdf3452e877adac466d579f4b44abbd05aa0a98aba582eeaebc4541f1154e57ec5a43693345bebda953381a7b75b58adbd29d3f3eb439ad2


You know these people. They rage and they squeak which is all around just plain annoying. maxresdefault                                                                    AND IT’S TIME TO STOP.

They act like they’re the carry even though they ain’t even good. You know they’re basically dead weight and you try to kick them off, but they’re ALWAYS QUEUED WITH ANOTHER PERSON. So, You end up just losing and tilted in the end. AND DON’T FORGET they always challenge you to a 1v1. When you win fair and square, they always make up excuses and demand rematch. Now, you’re left with two options: keep on wasting your time with this kid or block them. I know it’s very tempting to prove yourself to him, but like I said it’s a waste of time. This kid will never accept his defeat. MAYBE JUST DON’T NEXT TIME AND UNINSTALL.

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