Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig is a children’s television show. As it is currently airing, I have never actually seen an episode at all. However, lots of parodies have popped up all around Youtube mocking the television show. Already, the character in the picture above looks outrageous and the songs I’ve heard online from the show are really bad. Maybe it’s because of my age, but the show seems really bad. Of course, I realize that the show appeals to lots of children as the target audience of the show is children and not teenagers. Being a simple cartoon, the design of the show isn’t too bad, but it’s the nose the pig that gets me. I just don’t understand how eyes can be on a nose. Maybe it’s the angle, but it looks really funny. Considering its genre, the show has a pretty decent rating. Well, I still have yet to see an episode of the show. I probably won’t though seeing as I don’t like the songs and characters. Who knows? The internet may have skewed the image of the show. Still, I won’t even consider giving the show a chance.



Toy Story

This is the movie that I have watched multiple times as a kid. Toy story is a Disney classic about toys that come to life. From spacemen to cowboys, this movie shows a diverse range of toys. Starting off, we are introduced to a toy named Woody who is basically the leader of the toys. But then…a new toy shows up and its a spaceman. This spaceman not only wins over the toys’ owner Andy, but all the toys as well. Jealous, Woody gives the toy a hard time and accidentally pushed him out of  the window. Losing faith in their leader, the toys gang up and push Woody out the window in retaliation for Buzz. Outside the house, these two hitch a ride to an arcade where they become trapped in a claw machine. Buzz and Woody, then, get won by Sid. Brought home, they witness the horrors that this kid puts his toys through such as being torn apart, blown up, and have their parts mixed and matched. Of course, being the spaceman that he is, Buzz tries to use his laser and flight ability to escape, but comes to the realization that he’s just a toy from an ad on television. However, through Woody’s plan, the pair escape and are able to fly back into Andy’s car.



How to be Normal for Beginners

Hey, how are ya? Feeling normal I assume. That was how Spongebob felt at first. He was confident about himself. He did the routine things around his house. Except for one fateful day that forever changed his perception about himself. Due to his screaming outside Squidward’s house, Squidward’s deep anger and hatred for Spongebob was triggered. So what happens next is a story about one individual finding himself once more.


Photo 30003019 2006 © (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Until Spongebob was convinced otherwise by Squidward.  This scolding caused him to reexamine key aspects in his life. So in order to fit into society, Spongebob watches the “How to be Normal” tape. This tape teaches him about the normal body, house, work, and etc. He fixes these problems within his life by following the instructions given by the tape which slowly turns him normal. He follows this by buying a normal house demonstrated in the tape and printing burgers instead of flipping them while maintaining his wild side. But what he didn’t know was that these actions were ruining his life.


Photo Jeroen 2006 © (CC BY 2.0)

You see the tape destroyed what made him Spongebob, but he finally was able to realize this after Squidward’s confrontation. After criticizing Squidward for being abnormal, Squidward kicks Spongebob out of his house which causes Spongebob to start reflecting. Realizing what he has done, he asks for the aid of Patrick, his best friend, to make him himself again. Patrick, then, instructs him to perform extremely daring tasks that, in the end, do nothing to help his condition. But, just at the right moment, Squidward shows up looking normal which shocks Spongebob back to who he was before.


Photo 索索尼 2011 ©(CC BY-SA 2.0)



So now he, now, is himself again. The normal Squidward was his savior. And Spongebob can now appreciate everything in his life due to this saving. So he shows the gratitude by hugging Squidward. That is how Spongebob learned to not be normal and accepting of himself.


Photo Thomas Hawk 2009 ©(CC BY-NC 2.0)