Too many hours of video games.

(Life Lessons Learned)

I never realized how bad playing many hours of video games at a time can be for your eyes. When I was younger, I used to play about 7-9 hours of video games continuously without any breaks. Of course, I was young then, with no understanding about how my eyesight would get worse. I never knew my eyesight would get blurry and worsen after playing many hours at a time until one morning, I woke up and couldn’t see the other side of my room clearly. That day, I had to go to the optometrist to receive my first ever pair of glasses. Then I realized that your eyesight would slowly wear out after playing video games for many hours at a time. So nowadays, I try my best to take breaks in between gaming sessions, by focusing my vision somewhere else from my screens for at least a minute. Sometimes, I go out with my friends to play some basketball at a court next to my neighborhood. 636040588892055816-243289359_reading_glasses81l3ey2by-ql-_ac_sl1500_