Quite recently, I’ve been getting into the game Overwatch. Released in 2016, I only started playing around February, however, I seem to be doing quite fine in the rankings. Losing around 6 to 7 games, it came to my surprise that I was able to be placedCompetitive_Gold_Icon.png in low gold. Consistently getting lots of gold medals, the system recognized my skill and decided to place me higher even though I lost the majority of my placements. As a low gold, this would put me below the average skill rating in the game. During these placements, I would mostly play Soldier 76 or Tracer. overwatch-offensive-featured-wide.jpgHowever, a huge drop SR caused me to reconsider my mains and so I started to play Reinhardt as he seemingly required much less skill than the previous heroes that I’ve been playing. This resulted in a little increase in SR, but, overall, made me lose more SR than when I was playing offense heroes, or DPS. With inspiration from my friend that was Master, I decided to play Lucio. Ultimately, this boosted me back half way to my original SR. In the end, I was getting tired of playing the support heroes so I switched back to playing DPS. Coming back to this role with much better game sense, I climbed beyond my original SR giving me my season and career high. Still, my SR continues to fluctuate and I mostly play casually with my friends now.



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

With the latest installment of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, many believe for this current version of the game to be the best out of series. Due to the increase of storage capacity from one to two items, the game has become much more competitive as the dependence on item is decreased. Since the supply of items is high, players can no longer rely on the chance of the item boxes in order to win the races.  Despite these new changes, Mario Kart Wii still


Photo John DiMauro 2012 © (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

is the winner in my book simply due to the fact that I have much more experience playing it. The nostalgia from playing the game outweighs the new one. Plus, the Wii remote comes more naturally to me than the Nintendo Switch. The memories and familiarity of the Wii game vastly overtakes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Even though I favor the Wii version of the game, the overwhelming support of the players for the new release stays at the back of my mind when I consider the experience both provide me.


Photo yoppy  2008© (CC BY 2.0)

The fact of the matter is that the love for the new installment does not waver my love for the Wii game. It really only comes down to me growing up with this game. My allegiance to the Wii version remains. I remain loyal to this version. Mario Kart Wii is my favorite out of the series.



Photo Leigh Marriner 2014 © (CC BY 2.0)

Mario Kart

Truly a wonderful game, Mario Kart offers a fun way to drive in little vehicles while using power ups in order to get a lead. Of course, some think of the power ups as unfair, but it provides a whole dynamic to the game which may or may not be the most entertaining aspect of the game. Although these power ups are generally nuisances, the ones that are often criticized are the red shell and the blue shell. With no skill needed, all the player has to do is launch the item for it to automatically aim towards the opponent ahead of you. Therefore, these low skill high reward items cause massive problems with the games balance and induces lots of rage. Purely by chance, the mystery boxes roll out a power up that could make or break a game for a player. So, the game not only relies on skill, but also on chance. And that is the huge issue. No matter your practice with drifts or learning shortcuts, there may always be a chance of a red or blue shell coming your way that totally resets your speed and sets you back to last place. Even with these aggravating aspects of the game, Mario Kart still is an enjoyable game for all ages which provides an amazing experience full of fun. 4965224-mario-kart-wallpapers


I had never known that the game called Insurgency was such a fun game. It did not really have a large amount of hype prior to its reveal. At the time, not many people talked about the game or wrote articles about it. It had a few bugs during beta-testing that could have completely messed up the game-play if they were left alone. Plus, not many people had been able to test the beta.


Insurgency 13ushwacker 2014 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

If my friend hadn’t asked me to check out the game, I wouldn’t have played it. Currently, it costs a total of $9.99 on Steam. It also has a decent rating from Metacritic. It has won a few awards from the beginning of its release until now. The awards include: IndieDB Indie of the Year 2014 (Player’s Choice), and IndieDB Indie of the Year 2014 (Editor’s Choice).


Metacritic  doryfour 2010 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After I tried out the game for myself and learned how to play correctly, I found it very, very immersive. It is very realistic; the game involves bullet drop, a realistic sound system, and also realistic graphics, which can be adjusted if your computer cannot handle it. There are a variety of weapons for use. Also, you can even download mods to slightly change the way you play or even see the game. These are the main reasons why it has become one of my favorite video games.


Insurgency 13ushwacker 2015 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)

After all this, I play Insurgency quite a bit. Currently, I have about 300 hours in total, and also have downloaded and installed about 100 mods. Usually, I play the game weekly with my buddies competitively, having won 276 matches in total.


Insurgency 13ushwacker 2015 © (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Tracer is a hero in Overwatch that is used mainly for offense. One of her abilities is “Blink” which allows her to teleport 3 consecutive times before there is a little cooldown time for the ability. Another ability is “Recall” which allows her to teleport back and have her HP adjusted depending on when you use the ability. Her final and ultimate ability is called “Pulse Bomb”. She can drop a small bomb that will absolutely cause mayhem to anyone or anything that is standing next to it. Tracer’s amount of HP is a liability however, which is why she is a difficult hero to play.41819770001_4830762324001_tracer-cropped-01

Soldier 76

This hero in Overwatch is one of the most popular and also most basic heroes to play. He is very straight-forward with his abilities and weapons. His role in the game can be Combat Medic, Support, and Entry Frag.

One ability he possesses is to enable “aim-bot” which means you do not need to aim when you activate the ability; all you need to do is hold Mouse 1.

Another ability he possesses is being able deploy a medical field, a force field that heals Soldier 76 or other heroes.

He is also able to fire rockets from his rifle as well by pressing Mouse 2, making him a very dangerous opponent if put in a one-versus-one situation.

He can sprint and go quite fast, especially if a Lucio plays his rush music. soldier-wallpaper-wide

New games you should look out for

There are many games that are being anticipated for release in the year 2017. The first game on the list is “The Legend of Zelda Wii U” which is a remastered version of the old game that was played on the Nintendo 64. It has been reported to have smart AI technology and many new unique gameplay ideas and much more that has not been revealed by the developers. The second game on the list is “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. It was supposed to have been released in 2016 but got pushed back to 2017. It is supposed to continue the story of the Mass Effect trilogy farther into the future. The third and final game on the list is “Batallion 1944” which is a throwback to World War II. It is only multiplayer, and the footage released by the developers have put a lot of hype around the building community. There are many more games, but these are the only games I shall cover for now.11111111111111